Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take credit/debit cards?

We accept credit cards for orders over $10

How many slices of tomato pie in a full order? A half order?

A full tomato pie is 18 slices and is $18.00

A half tomato pie is 9 slices and is $9.50

We don’t sell tomato pie by the slice.

How big is a half of a stuffed bread?

A half is approximately 12 inches.

How long are the steak rolls?

Steak rolls are approximately 6 inches long. Everything is hand rolled, so they may be a smidgen longer or shorter

Are your large and small rounds sliced?

Yes, unless you order ahead of time and request that they are not sliced, all of our rounds get sliced.

What size rolls do you have?

Our rolls come in three sizes; round rolls are the largest and are like a hamburger roll, our small roll is like a slider size roll and our smallest roll is a dinner roll.

How far in advance do I have to place my order?

We prefer that you order a day in advance. If we are not here, please leave your order on the machine and the bakers will get your order  in the morning before they start baking.

During the holidays, we suggest you order  a week or two in advance.  Once we reach our maximum capacity for orders we will no longer be taking them. So order early.

Do I have to place an order?

The bakery is a bake-to-order bakery. We plan what will be made for the day based on the orders we receive. We do make extra stuffed breads and tomato pies daily, however, it is first come, first serve so they do go fast. To ensure you receive what you want, it is best to order ahead. Bread and rolls are almost always available. If you do forget to place an order, give us a call in the morning and if we have what you want we will gladly put it aside for you.

Do you sell cupcakes?

Yes we do. We have cupcakes~texas size~ on the weekends. Flavors change weekly. Some include: cannoli, peanut butter & jelly, apple pie, yellow with nutella frosting, yellow with strawberry frosting, oreo cupcakes, chocolate with cream cheese icing, chocolate with peanut butter icing, chocolate stuffed with peanut butter and more.

Are you open on Sunday?

Yes, Our hours are Thursday- Saturday 7:00 am-2:00 pm, Sunday 7:00 am-1:00pm. We are closed Monday, Tuesday and Wesnesday, and all major holidays. Although we open at 7:00 am, most items are not ready until 8:30 am. We can arrange for early pick-ups.

Do you have Italian Cookies or Pastries?

This bakery has been a bread, tomato pie and stuffed bread bakery for over 80 years. We have just started adding some extra items such as cannoli, biscotti, and cupcakes.  We don’t have Italian cookies but we have Danishes on Saturday and Sunday and Sticky Buns on Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Because we have a grandchild with an egg allergy, we were wondering if there was any egg in the crust. Please respond.

  2. We have been trying to place an order all day but your phone line is busy.We assume that there must be a problem with the line. We would like to order two tomato pies for Saturday, June 1st. We will continue trying to call.

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